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Paula Heitzner is an E-RYT 500 Yoga Instructor.
During the past 35 years she has trained others to teach the time-honored principles, practices and philosophy of Yoga. She currently provides a Yoga Teacher training and Certification Program  at the Nyack Yoga Center located at the New Age Center in Nyack, N.Y.,

Paula is a certified advanced Kripalu Yoga teacher and is skilled in Iyengar, Siddha, Integral, Kundalini, Sivananda, Bikram and Ashtanga Yoga. She has studied, in depth, western mind/body modalities including Reichian Work, Alexander, Ido-Kenesis, Polarity, Bio-Energetics and Continuum. Her classes are a synergy of East and West.

She has taught dance for over 50 years, developing a Fitness Dance Program based on jazz that is as unique and original as her yoga classes and presentations. Paula still performs and choreographs.

About Paula

      Paula Heitzner has been involved with movement her entire life. Beginning as a dancer, she owned her own dance studio at the age of 16. Paula has been teaching yoga for over 45 years. She  started her training with the esteemed Blanche DeVries, long considered one of the pioneers in bringing yoga to the United States along with her husband Pierre Bernard.

Paula Heitzner - Nyack's first lady of Yoga

Paula Heitzner - Nyack's first lady of Yoga

      Paula is a master yoga teacher widely recognized by her peers, and well known for owning and operating Nyack’s first, and longest running yoga studio.  Paula is a certified advanced Kripalu Yoga Teacher E-RYT500. She is one of the earliest members of the Yoga Alliance and a board member-at-large for the for Yoga Teachers Association (YTA), and is responsible for writing their monthly memo. Paula has graduated a minimum of 150 certified yoga teachers through her teacher certification program. Paula is skilled in Iyengar, Siddha, Sivananda and the Intergral methods of Hatha Yoga. In addition to these Eastern techniques, she has studied the western mind-body modalities including; Reichian Work, The Alexander technique, Ideo-Kinesis, Polarity, Bio-Energetics and Continuum. Her classes are a synergy of the best of Eastern and Western ideologies. It would be a disservice to describe her teaching as one form or another, but a unique, classically informed evolution of all the previously mentioned techniques.  She is a regular guest master teacher at various yoga studios around the country. Her students have travelled with her to India and Bali on yoga retreats.

   The Journal News called Paula, “The Doyenne of Yoga in Rockland.”